“When we choose to bury the story, we forever remain the subject” Brene Brown – PhD

Hello and welcome to The Upside of Down.  If you have lived any length of time on this earth, you have experienced some type of tragedy, whether through death of someone you loved, the loss of a relationship through a divorce or separation, maybe you suffered from some form of abuse or an addiction, or you live daily with the hardships and consequences of what someone else has inflicted upon you or your family .  The list can go on and on.  Maybe these situations stem from your past or they’re a part of your present day life.  Whatever category you find yourself in, life can be hard, and sometimes being down is all that we know and understand.  

This site was created to forge a community of people to come together to share in those tragedies, but to not stop there.  I believe there is an upside to being down.  Not a “Hollywood Movie” type of upside where everything always works out like we expected it to, but coming to a place where when the people die that we expected to live, when addictions have run and seemingly ruined our lives, when our abusers never own what they did to us, when you find yourself alone in misery or depressed more often than not, and the answers we desperately desire seem far away, we can learn to trust that things will get better one day no matter what.  And when we can begin to realize the various forms of pain we have endured have actually created a much stronger person, a much wiser person and a person that is no longer easily moved by our life issues, then we can begin to climb out of the downside of our lives and live in the The Upside of Down.

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Keep Pressing…

Hank G